This Local Council e-Consultation Guide was originally developed by the Darebin City Council in collaboration with the Centre for Citizenship and Human Rights (CCHR) at Deakin University with funding from the auDA Foundation. It was uploaded to this wikia on 6 February 2007.

The original author and project manager details are as follows:


Jackie Bailey, Darebin City Council

Project Manager

Dr Monika Merkes, Coordinator Social Policy and Research, Darebin City Council

Project Partner

Dr Lucas Walsh Centre for Citizenship and Human Rights (CCHR), Deakin University Em: Web:


All enquiries should be directed to:

Dr Monika Merkes

Coordinator Social Policy and Research

Darebin City Council


(Tel) +613 8470 8464

Darebin City Council, Victoria Australia

274 Gower Street, Preston Vic 3072

Post: PO Box 91 Preston VIC 3072

(Tel) +613 8470 8888

(Fax) + 613 8470 8877


TTY (Hearing Impaired): +613 8470 8696

Multilingual Telephone Line: + 613 8470 8470


The author would like to thank the following for their support throughout the project:

e-Consultation Guide Reference Group

Mr Neil Alexander, Manningham City Council

Mr Damian Alway, Kingston City Council

Mr Glenn Boyd, Brisbane City Council

Dr Peter Chen, Consultant

Mr Alan Davies, Victorian Local Government Association

Mr Chad Foulkes, Surf Coast Shire Council

Ms Paula Giles, Municipal Association of Victoria

Dr Richard Solly, Melbourne PC User Group

Dr Lucas Walsh, Deakin University

e-Forum Strategy Group, Darebin City Council

Mr Pradeep Agrawal

Mr Kevin Breen

Mr Tom Gray

Mr Dean Griggs

Ms Emma Hopkins

Mr Roderick McIvor

Mr Ray McQuillen

Ms Sonia Petrilli

Special thanks to Monika Merkes, Project Manager.

This Guide can also be accessed at: (PDF and Word formats)

Please note that the original author and Darebin City Council do not take any responsibility for any edits to this wikia subsequent to the initial uploading of content on February 6 2007.