Internet ForumsEdit

An Internet forum, also known as an e-forum or an online forum, is a facility for holding discussions via the web.

The basic elements of an e-forum are

  • Topics / Discussion Groups
  • Posts
  • Discussion threads
  • Moderator
  • Forum members

“Topics” are the issues that are discussed on the forum. They can be structured in “discussion groups” for each different topic.

A “post” is someone’s comment on the topic.

A “thread” is a sub-topic or line of discussion which is made up of posts by various members of the forum on a particular topic.

The “moderator” is the person responsible for vetting comments, checking them and allowing them to be published, and steering the discussion. The moderator may also be joined by a “co-moderator” for each separate discussion, the co-moderator being a subject matter expert who can steer discussion whilst the moderator continues to be responsible for general vetting and forum website maintenance and control.

“Forum members” are the people who are registered to comment on the forum (not all forums require registration).

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